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The History

The National Youth Development Organization (NYDO) was founded in 2006 by some benevolent youths. The organization has since then been working with some youths in North West Region in area of IT Training (PC Installation, troubleshooting and maintenance, printer maintenance, Ink Refill, Video Coverage and editing, music production), Poultry husbandry, pig production, market gardening.

 This organization is runned by the youths themselves. This is so because most often, they have either served in other organizations or gathering with senior staffs and can not make their opinion heard since they are bound to respect the rules and work according to what has been planned. In most cases they are exploited, thus they remain at the same position without gaining new skills or enhacing old ones. 

 The National Youth Development Organization is thus a forum where these youths come together to identify their own problems and seek ways to reddress them. The staff of the organization is made up of dynamic youths. There are many problems that have been identified. It has been seen that most organization that claim to work in this area of youth development find it very difficult to succeed because they dont get to the root cause of their problems rather they just want to start reddressing the problems and we all know that if we dont tackle the root problem we can not solve the problem. Most organization can carry out effective trainings on various projects with the youths, but the essential is empowring them. At the end, these organization conclude that the youth terrain is a very difficult one and it is not easy to deal with them. If after training, we let them go without empowering them then we have failed in that they may not be able to startup small projects that can sustain them. So what the National Youth Development Organization seeks to do is to Empowr these youths in all dimensions. If we identify interested youths in the area of IT, we recruit and train them and after the training we give them some IT equipments to get them started so that they can atleast generate some small income from there. This is the only way we can reddress this issue of poverty that is becoming a disease. 

 The youths are the most active people in any given community and country. They are those who can do many things, they can promote development if and only if they are given the chance, they can equally be at the center of any given crime if they are not properly educated. In most wars and uprising arround the globe today, the youths are the most concerned. If they are properly educated and well placed in the society, they will not have the time to go arround with HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION (HRV). 

They are also victims of cricumstances, because they are marginalised, their voices are hardly taken into consideration. When employed, they are exploited, in the case of rioting, they are always victims of violation even if found innocent. 

 We really have to do something so that they can be better educated and trained for a better tomorrow. There is goiong to be more violence by 2015 if the youths are not properly educated, trained and integrated. (Proverbs 22:6)

 Lets put our hands together so we can be able to build a peaceful world

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