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Our Activities

NYDO carries out various training programmes in the area of IT, Agriculture, Education and Cultural exchanges

The organization has so far been training on IT for the past 15 months. We have a workshop situated at Metta quarter in Bamenda where we do carry out training on IT, video coverage, music, and documentation services. Those we train gain new skills in installation of PCs, and Printers, video coverage, secretarial duties etc. 

 NYDO does not just train and let go the trainnees. NYDO trains and empower those it train in order to achievve its mission. In this area of agriculture, NYDO concentrates on Pig Breeding, Poultry and Farm to Market Gardens. NYDO so far hire the services of experienced farmers or resource persons from the Delegations of agriculture in any division or region it is executing a project.


NYDO trains on the various techniques breeding pigs to obtain a qualitative and quantitative produce. This is achieved by hiring the services of quality resource persons to effect the training. After the training, pigs are donated to the trainnees so as to enable them kick off with a small project that can sustain them and keep the skills learnt going.


In the area of Poultry, they are trained on techniques of quality husbandry. Since with poultry, if quality chicks are not got, there is bound to be a problem in obtining the required chicken at the expected time. With this, the services of the delegate of agriculture to effect the training. Farmers are trained on ways of selecting, growing and maintaining layers and table birds. The are akso thought on ways of carrying out disease control. After the training, each participant goes home with 5 chicksto get starte.


In the area of farm to market garden, those trained in this category are  given the basic techniques of selecting good quality seeds to obtain quality and quantity produce. Seed selection based on a variety of seeds such as Carbages, tomatoes, onion, carrots, green beans, parsely, etc. Trainnees are also tought on ways of producing good compund manure and also how to use animal and poultry manure. At the end of the training, participants are given a sachet of seed each for the various kinds of seeds available.


NYDO believes a lot in empowerment