The National Youth Development Organization

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The National Youth Development Organization (NYDO) was founded in 2006. NYDO is an organization that was created by youths and it is runned by youths. They choosed to work with fellow youths because it is much more easier for a fellow youth to express his/herself to a colleauge of the same age. In most communities, the youths represents the active force of that society or community 

These youths are not only marginalised, for those that are fortunate to have employment, exploitation is the order of the day. They are exploited in all areas of their job. The girl youth is sexually harrassed 

This the transitional phase of life between childhood and adulthood The onset of youth, on the other hand, enjoyed broader consensus . In general, though, early modern "youth" is best measured in chronologically flexible terms of an individual's position in various groups, principally relating to his or her immediate family, employer, and peers.

Most boys and girls leave their homes at some point before marriage for apprenticeships or domestic service positions with relatives or strangers. Few departed before the age of seven and some not until their late teens. By the time youths had reached their early twenties, though, at least two-thirds and sometimes three-quarters of them had left their parents' homes. Ostensibly the main purpose of the arrangement, typically lasting two to three years, was for a boy/girl to learn certain marketable skills .  The same expectations is held for the large number of youths who have never leave home in the first place (particularly in the countryside) and who in the meantime work to contribute to the family's income.




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Akwi Fidelia F.
National President (NYDO)